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    Re: What a NIGHTMARE this store is

    Totally agree. I also publish with Apple, Android and Windows Phone. Hands down Nokia is the most unintuitive, cumbersome, slow, difficult, pain in the ass company of all. Here's my story - Published...
  2. Wrong UIDs given for my app by Nokia prior to publish

    I have been notified by Nokia that they gave me a wrong range of UIDs when my app, PRO-KNOT was published. They have since supplied me with a corrected range of UIDs and asked me to take down the...
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    Re: Ovi reports not working?

    I published my first Nokia app on December 28, 2011. I'm afraid it fell through the cracks of this Ovi Store reporting problem - in 13 days the report says I have sold one app! (that is when the...
  4. Who to contact regarding copyright infringement?

    My copyrighted material is being used without my permission in two Nokia/Ovi Apps. My flash animations were taken from my website and incorporated into the apps. Can anyone please direct me to the...
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