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    Re: Python for S60 2.0.0 released "Certificate error. Contact the application supplie

    I am getting "Certificate error. Contact the application supplier" when trying install Python 2.0.0 runtime sis file on Nokia N73. also same error for other Python shell interpreters.
  2. How can I display and record my phone's screen on a PC display having Linux?

    I do this because I could not find a Linux software that does it.
    My "weak" solution is by continuously taking screen-shots, and saving them on the mobile's memory disk. The following Python...
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    About the AppTools

    Have you tested you Apptools module using PyS60 1.9.0 with Nokia N78?
    I think you might have wondered why I did use such old PyS60 1.9.0. Well, the only suitable python runtime that this N78...
  4. Apptool: appswitch module alternative on Python PyS60 1.9.x for background processing

    Hi all.
    If you started by mistake or by chance on PyS60 1.4.5, then don't. Start right away with PyS60 1.9.x ( latest that worked for me is 1.9.6) on Windows only. Don't program using Linux ( I am a...
  5. A Complete Solution On Logging Telephone Events As A Background Service.

    Salaam all. This is my first application I write in Python. Frankly, I don't know Python at all. I know C++ and Java for the desktop and PHP, and this is also my first Python writing too. I wrote it...
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    How to read the sms logs?

    I did read the contents of the link http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/How_to_use_logs about how to use the logs.

    My problem is that i do not get any output from the logs.sms(mode='out')...
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