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    Re: How to port Symbian OS String Descriptors

    ... And of course you should take a look at our Symbian uSTL. That handles all the problems of conversion between std::string and Symbian OS descriptors. For Symbian 9 (UIQ3, S60E3).

    And it also...
  2. Using Carbide-style PKG files in command line builds

    Several people have commented that Carbide breaks command line builds, since Carbide's PKG file contains macros that aren't recognised by Makesis/createsis.

    Actually Carbide preprocesses the PKG...
  3. Re: Security platform: controversial information

    So here’s a summary of the actual deployment options. Is it correct?

    Scenario: Simple application, uses no platsec capabilities.
    What we do: MMP file has Capabilities: none. Sign the SIS file...
  4. Re: Requesting feedback for few ideas related to Symbian Platform Security tools

    I second Marcus's request for a breakpoint on the platsec error. While you're about it, another almost identical requirement is to support a breakpoint on User::Leave in the current thread (there's...
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