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    Re: JSR 179 - developing applications with it

    In Coordinates.java, you can get all three. I was going to write an app, but after I downloaded Google Local into my device, I don't find the need anymore :) I figure even if I get lost, I can find...
  2. Re: Displaying OK command directly on left softkey

    I have exactly two command, one OK, one BACK. When I click on the menu, I notice there is an EXIT command which I didn't add :(
  3. Re: How to get OK instead of Options above the left soft key when displaying a TextBo

    This really sucks. Other phones don't have this restriction, don't know why Nokia forces Canvas on developer's throat.
  4. Displaying OK command directly on left softkey

    My game uses Form and List Displayable. I added an "OK" command to the left softkey, and this command changes depending on the state of the game. This works perfectly on other phones, but on Nokia...
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