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  1. Re: How to invoke Default Email Client on Symbian based Devices using Qt API?

    You can do it wih QDesktopServices:: openUrl (), but you add the attachment with attach field, not attachment.
    And of course you use double backslashes and most likely don't tr the whole URL...
  2. Re: :: error: [\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\epoc32\release\gcce\udeb\untitleda.exe] Error

    People who have seen that error may be able to recognize it. However, all the others, who very well could be able to solve the _problem_, can not do it as you don't tell anything about where and when...
  3. Re: Qt 4.8 and Qt Mobility 1.2 sis for Nokia S60_5th Edition phones ( N97 )

    You won't find them, because they don't exist.
  4. Re: urgent help need: nokia 808 belle fp2 os can not launch open a sis app

    First thing to do: Check your app in regard to the changes made to Belle & FP2 in
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    Traditional advice: Dump Carbide. Only use Qt Creator (with Qt SDK) for Qt projects.
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    Re: Same error when try to built sis

    Your project directory has spaces in it (Smooze source code). Traditionally Nokia's Symbian development tools have had serious troubles with those. So, rename your directory and try again.

  7. Re: Pause application when set to background and resume when set to foreground

    You can't pause an app, but you can put it to idle... Here is an evenhandler as a member of the main window:

    bool MyAppMainWindow::eventFilter(QObject *obj, QEvent *event)
    if (event->type()...
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    Re: Cannot send e-mail on Symbian (Belle Refresh)

    I think you have msg.setFrom() missing.
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    Re: How to read large file's data?

    readLine() function is for reading files that are made of lines ending with a newline, so it is not for generic use. Use QFile::read() instead.
  10. Re: Cant run app on Belle fp1 device from QtCreator

    No. It is not a solution to the problem.
  11. Re: Cant run app on Belle fp1 device from QtCreator

    For me, the same thing happens (device: 808) for a Release build. A Debug build starts ok from QtCreator (but doesn't start from the phone...).

    Everything works on Belle without Fp1 (N8)....
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    Re: Adding Scrolling to QListWidget Items

    You don't need to hardcode anything, but you could, for starters, try to softcode things... just ask Qt the size of you main window or desktop and size accordingly. (QtCreator - the IDE for pure...
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    Re: QML Camera issue

    I have no idea how to solve this, but still some ideas to help you to help others to help you...
    * You might want to describe what this video player problem has to do with "QML Camera issue" in the...
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    Re: TouchArea Problem in Qt.labs.TouchArea 1.0

    I'm sure QtCreator gives some exact message about the problem -- which you should quote.

    However, comparing the code to the TouchTest example, I notice that it imports import Qt.labs.toucharea 1.0...
  15. Re: reading and setting shutter speed possible for Nokia 808?

    Everyone would like to get a camera with better control to 808...

    What is possible with QCamera seems to depend on the device. Your wish for ASM will not be realized, as the camera in 808 has only...
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    Re: Math.random() does not work (QML)

    That might be so, but you have a very bad test case. Your variable sended will obviously have the return value of Math.floor(), not Math.random() and influenced by p1 and p2, whatever they might be....
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    Re: Need to disable auto-brightness in my app

    I don't know, but you might want to ask this in http://talk.maemo.org . It seems to me that there might be people hanging around in there who know plenty about the s/w internals of N9.
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    Re: QDesktopServices::openURL with .jpg file

    The first thing is of course figuring out by some testing when does openUrl work in your system and when not... (you are not telling whether it works at all).
    You could pass a normal file system...
  19. Re: Looking for Symbian-specific documentation of Qt classes

    What you imagine is wrong. Basically, all platforms have one implementation and begaviour and you can not switch to another behaviour by setting someany properties. What you see is what you get --...
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    Re: Big Problem for Symbian - Port in use!

    For me, USB works like every tenth time, if I disconnect and reconnect and just keep trying...

    Perhaps you could use WLAN for connection. It is very simple to set-up.
  21. Re: My app luancher icon isn't displayed correctly

    Your problem may be with the file format. Symbian requires SVG-Tiny format files, not SVG -- though the file suffix may be the same.
    For this reason, how Inkscape displays the file, doesn't prove...
  22. Re: Reg problem in QImage painting in real device using QT plateform

    PNG files can be complex and problematic depending on the compression etc. I would suggest that you test with another file in another format (like JPEG) and see if that produces the same result.
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    Re: App for my website

    If you want it to be like Beta Labs Client and want to know how to do it, perhaps you should start with doing it in Qt Quick instead of Qt and checking out how Beta Labs Client was made, starting in...
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    Re: Reg sis file creation

    This is what you see in the Issues windos. Go to the Compile Output window. There you should see some actual error messages that might tell you what the problem is.
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    Re: Can't build for Symbian

    You may notice references to "unknown line" 27 in eWallet_release-armv5.pkg. You should check that file and line and try to figure the problem -- or report the contents of the pkg file here.
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