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  1. Re: Cannot run QT application for a second time

    S60 apps prevent themselves from having more than one instance running simultaneously. The new app Leaves with KLeaveExit(-1003) on start if an instance is already running. I guess that is what is...
  2. Re: this more of a general question than symbian specific

    This sort of problem is normally tackled with a grammar and parser to build an expression tree, then an evaluation of that tree. The grammar could be defined recursively, something like this (using |...
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    Re: qt exception question

    In http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/forum/showthread.php?217636-QT_TRYCATCH_LEAVING-question you found that you can catch exceptions from slots in the signal emitting function.

    But I have a...
  4. Re: CAknViewAppUi::Exit() doesn't lead to application termination

    Sometimes using appUi::Exit() can cause a crash when you are running in an active object. CAknEnv::RunAppShutter() does not have these problems, I'd recommend using it instead.
  5. Re: AppUi()->HandleCommandL(EEikCmdExit); doesn't exit??

    Exit works by User::Leave(KLeaveExit). This is a special leave code that the UI framework uses to exit active schedulers. But it can be stopped by a TRAP that ignores leave codes.
    Check the call...
  6. Re: CActiveScheduler and the same priority AOs

    If two active objects with equal priority are ready to run, the first added will be first run. They are run in the order in which they were added to the active scheduler. So Deque and Add will change...
  7. Re: Qt application memory leak is not shown in emulator

    Debug output is the right place to look, the message should be printed as the application is exiting. Try looking just a bit further up after application exit, as there can be quite a lot of debug...
  8. Re: Qt application memory leak is not shown in emulator

    Qt disables the ALLOC panic, as it doesn't give any meaningful information for a Qt application. That is why you do not see this panic.

    The ALLOC panic assumes that all allocated memory is...
  9. Re: How to find the runtime type for a variable

    I finally found a method to identify the runtime type for the active object I was trying to debug:

    1) Note the address of the object.
    2) Find a line of code containing a call to a virtual...
  10. Re: How to find the runtime type for a variable

    The contents of the variable only show those of the declared type, not the derived type.

    The address of the variable does give me some help, eg I could conditionally breakpoint all constructors...
  11. How to find the runtime type for a variable

    I want to know how to find the runtime type of a variable in the Variables view. There is an "Actual Type" column in this view, which looks like it should give the right information, but it is always...
  12. Re: How to add new screen resolutions to the emulator?

    S60 does not dynamically scale UI layouts to fit arbitrary screen sizes. Instead, layouts are designed and compiled offline. So, although you can change the emulated screen size in epoc.ini and...
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