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  1. Re: Softkey menus not displaying natively?

    Thanks, I will try that.
  2. Deploy Qt Creator App to N8 from Mac SDK? Frustrated.

    I am using VMWare to run Qt Creator/Qt Emulator since the Mac one crashes consistently (something about the way the video card and the SDK use RAM, I guess). I can't, however, get VMWare to...
  3. Softkey menus not displaying natively?

    See this post on Stack Overflow as well: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4485547/qt-symbian-mobile-soft-key-menus-not-displaying-correctly .


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    QTreeView WordWrap?

    I know that WordWrap doesn't necessarily overflow the TreeView Item text into a new line, but I don't want the text of a parent/child to overflow past the width of the screen (it's not visible!) How...
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    Re: TreeView Search/Filter Box?

    Ah, thanks!
  6. Qt N8/mobile version of Android Toast?

    I've seen some dialog classes, but which one is best suited to mobile Qt? I simply want a dialog to pop up off of a QPushButton, something similar to Android's Toast class.

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    TreeView Search/Filter Box?

    I saw something in a forum about this not being implementable, but it looks like one of the examples has a filter. I have a TreeView, and I need an editable text box that would remove parent items...
  8. Issue setting TextWordWrap to true for painter text on top of image

    I have an image with text on top, and the text fails to wrap inside the image, cutting some of it off.

    QImage image(":images/box.png");

    QPainter* painter = new QPainter(&image);...
  9. Re: template argument 1 is invalid - modified qxsrexample (xml parsing)

    string parse(QXmlStreamReader& xml);
    map<string, string> parsePerson(QXmlStreamReader& xml);
  10. template argument 1 is invalid - modified qxsrexample (xml parsing)

    I modifed the qxsrexample for xml parsing, and can't figure out why I get the error "template argument is invalid" - it's in the last line of the header where I do QList< map<string, string> persons...
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