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    How to suppress -DNDEBUG

    I am working with a large code base that has a bunch of debugging code in #ifndef NDEBUG blocks.

    I notice that my CW project is passing -DNDEBUG to gcc on the command line. I want to suppress...
  2. Thanks. I may take you up on that ;-) My...

    Thanks. I may take you up on that ;-)

    My problem is that I have to write a plugin (a DLL) for an existing application and I only have the binary (compiled originally for OS v6)...so I have to...
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    Extremely basic questions

    I have CW 3.0 Professional.
    I have a Nokia 6620.

    I need to port a couple of apps I have written for MS-Smartphone.

    I am new to Symbian, having worked in CE/PPC and Palm for a few years.

  4. Sunil, Thanks for your post! So are you...


    Thanks for your post! So are you saying that the emulator is the only way to test on our LAN. Is there no way to use a device itself?

    Thanks again,
  5. TCP to corporate LAN (for development purposes)

    We're developing an app that will eventually be hitting a server on the public internet. But for now we only have a server available internally on our corporate intranet.

    Is there a way to...
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