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  1. APS 2.43 USER 23 panic playing G711 on 6220 classic


    This seems to be a similar problem to that reported with the E51 - G711 uses a smaller packet size of 82 bytes rather than 162 bytes.
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    Re: attach debugger to current process

    Thanks Juan, I was just struggling with the same thing. Nokia - can you fix this please?
  3. Re: S60 5th Edition SDK API Plug-in release delayed


    Thanks for asking! You might want to consider renaming this thread to make sure it gets the attention it deserves. Something like "Warning - removing plugin APIs" might grab people :)

  4. Re: problem installing recognizer - S60 3rd FP2

    Application = script interpreter

    Data file = post install script
  5. Re: problem installing recognizer - S60 3rd FP2

    This is the standard Symbian line, which I believe basically is not true. I am sure Symbian would like people not to rely on the order of files in the PKG file, so that they can make changes in the...
  6. problem installing recognizer - S60 3rd FP2

    I have an application SIS which installs a recognizer and as the last line in the PKG it has to launch a data file which is a MIME type that the recognizer handles.

    This has worked fine on all...
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    Re: APS and S60 3rd FP2

    Hi, it's a 6220c, software version I put the same test sis files on a FP1 device (6120c) and they worked fine. I had installed an errrd sis file which makes c:\resource\errrd so I...
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    APS and S60 3rd FP2

    The APS Wiki says that the APS is still functional on S60 3rd FP2. Will the FP1 APS sis file work correctly on FP2? I just tried an example program built for FP1 on an FP2 phone and got the (not very...
  9. Re: New VoIP Audio Service APIs published for S60 3.1


    I'm currently using APS on S60 3rd 3.0 and 3.1 to play to telephony uplink and record from telephony downlink. I now need to make my application work on S60 3rd FP2, so it appears I should...
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    Re: Posserver panic - esock_client 14

    Lol, cheers,

    Symbian forum: admission of bug in posserver

    Nokia forum: buy a new GPS!

    I know the practical thing to do right now may be to replace the GPS, but that's only because getting...
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    Posserver panic - esock_client 14

    I've been using a socket bluetooth GPS fine for a number of weeks. I recently upgraded to a Holux M1000.

    My E65 will panic whenever it tries to get a fix - Posserver, esock_client 14 - when...
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    Intermittent SSL problem

    I am intermittently getting an "untrusted certificate" error when making SSL connections. I only ever connect to one host, and it works sometimes and not others. I can't see any pattern.

    I am...
  13. Re: platformRequest to dial number - poor user experience


    The URL you need to use is of the form tel:+442075551234 rather than calling:+442075551234

  14. platformRequest to dial number - poor user experience

    On a Series 40 phone, if I use MIDlet.platformRequest to dial a phone number with some post dial DTMF digits, I get a confirmation dialog (which is annoying but not unexpected) and then the phone...
  15. Re: URGENT: VM runs out of RSocketServ message slots

    I can't help you with getting round the limit of numbers of sockets by increasing the number available. The only way I can see to get around this is multiplexing. It will require extra development...
  16. Re: Nokia Connectivity Framework 1.2 not start


    I just had the exact same problem. I found I had to adjust my path - I had to manually edit my path so that it included C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_07\bin;


  17. Possible to query if a specific key is held down

    I'm sure I remember seeing an API where you can query if a particular key is held down right now, or perhaps ask for a list of all the currently held down keys. Does anyone know if such a thing...
  18. Re: Uninstall extra SIS files at uninstall time

    Ah fantastic stuff! No, I'd never seen those before. I think you're right - the SP package type looks like exactly the right thing.

    Thanks very much,
  19. Re: Expert help needed CMdaAudioRecorderUtility

    Something else, looking at this example:


    then it implies you need to wait for a callback before calling RecordL. In the example code you...
  20. Re: Expert help needed CMdaAudioRecorderUtility

    Hi Nitin,

    I believe CMdaAudioRecorderUtility makes use of available codecs on your phone, so PCM, AMR etc will be used depending on what you select by calling the functions I posted. But since the...
  21. Re: Expert help needed CMdaAudioRecorderUtility

    Hi Nitin,

    Have you tried calling any or all of these?

    SetDestinationDataTypeL(TFourCC aDataType)
    SetDestinationBitRateL(TUint aBitRate)
    SetDestinationSampleRateL(TUint aSampleRate)...
  22. Re: CTelephony - NotifyChange - how not to miss events?

    Cheers for the quick answers!

    Looks like publish and subscribe is the way to go.
  23. Re: Uninstall extra SIS files at uninstall time

    Thanks for the replies. The standard Symbian OS dependency options don't help at all, because they don't work in this scenario:

    I manually install one SIS - my core SIS.

    This program downloads...
  24. CTelephony - NotifyChange - how not to miss events?

    I'm using CTelephony::NotifyChange() to monitor for phone call events - connecting, connected, hanging up and hold. The model of this API as I understand it is:

    1) Make an async call to...
  25. Uninstall extra SIS files at uninstall time


    I have an application which during the normal course of operations will download and install extra "extension" components as SIS files. When I uninstall my application, I want the application...
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