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    Re: python on windows mobile?

    If you're talking about Windows Mobile you should find other forums and resources online. This forum is for Windows Phone on Nokia products.

    If you are indeed referring to Windows Phone, Python is...
  2. Re: What version of pys60 do i need for nokia 5800 firmware version 11.0.0008

    Have you tried installing the latest version (2.0)? I haven't worked with Python in a while but if I remember right it should work. The 1.4.5 version should also work.
  3. Re: Congratulations to PetriB September’s Poster of the Month

    Congrats Petri!
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    Re: Problem Solved

    The problem was most likely that you never used e32.Ao_lock.wait(), so your code ran once and then the script ended naturally. You don't have the problem anymore because you use an indefinite loop.
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    Re: Trouble running simple app

    Could you add a print statement or an appuifw.note(...) right at the end of the code (after accelerometer.start_listening())? That way, if it doesn't display that we will know that an exception...
  6. Re: trouble with Python plug-in for the Symbian SDK

    In the upper right corner of the site, search the Wiki for the words "install python sdk emulator". You should a few articles that explain what you need to do, such as the one called "Downloading and...
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    Re: Question on sending attachements


    Nope. Only one file. You'll have to find another solution, such as putting all your desired files in an archive and attaching that.
  8. Re: Congratulations to kiran10182 Contributor of the Month for May

    Congratulations Kiran! You're doing a fantastic job with the Wiki.
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    Re: Python for S60 2.0.0 released

    tvijayan's post is about including pyd libraries with an application and how they receive the application's UID if theirs are 0. Only apps with a UID in a certain range can be Symbian signed.

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    Re: need help for my c3

    You should seek help at http://www.nokia.com/discussion
    The Forum Nokia Discussion Boards are for software development issues.
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    Re: Hierarchical_Lists


    That's not available in Python. You will have to implement it yourself (either with Canvas or as a C++ extension, whichever you find easier).
  12. Re: Python app doesnt want to exit when in sis form


    What you need is set_exit(): http://pys60.garage.maemo.org/doc/s60/node19.html
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    Re: How to imlement progress indicator?

    One way to do it is to draw it on a Canvas: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Progress_bar_on_S60_5th_Edition
    Or perhaps you can use a 3rd party extension that provides an implementation, such...
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    Re: Microsoft and Nokia

    I'm sure there are people here who know how to develop Windows Phone apps ;)

    If you're asking how to get started with Windows Phone development, check this article:...
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    Re: Python for S60 2.0.0 released

    Yes. As you can see here there is a checkbox for "1.4.x compatibility mode".

    Mergesis is probably the way to go. See your thread about this.

    It should. It works on the E7 and there's no...
  16. Re: How to delete MMS messages with python

    It's not mentioned in the documentation so it's safe to assume it isn't possible.
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    Re: Setup.py install question

    Is this about Python on a mobile phone? Because if it isn't you should ask the question on a forum that's about standard Python (such as http://www.python-forum.org/pythonforum/index.php). This one...
  18. Re: location.gsm_location() Issue.. how to use it in a standalone application ?

    Here's what I recommend:
    1. Uninstall your app, the Python runtime and the script shell
    2. Install Python runtime 2.0
    3. Create your sis file using the application packager (make sure you're...
  19. Re: location.gsm_location() Issue.. how to use it in a standalone application ?

    I think the solution lies in the documentation: http://pys60.garage.maemo.org/doc/s60/module-location.html

    As for the phone memory/memory card problem, I suggest you use PyS60 2.0. You will be...
  20. Re: location.gsm_location() Issue.. how to use it in a standalone application ?

    When the developers of PyS60 made the sis file for the unsigned script shell they specified the extra capabilities like in the link I gave. If you do that with your application and then sign it it...
  21. Re: location.gsm_location() Issue.. how to use it in a standalone application ?

    Have you specified the location capability when creating the sis file and then signed it? (see...
  22. Re: Is Python s60v5 different from s60v3 ?

    The platform editions in that table have not been updated in a while so you can't rely on them.

    The best way to see if something works is to try it ;)
  23. Re: camera capture in jpeg exif format not working

    It would help if you showed us the code you're using, the version of PyS60 and what phone. I have used this one in the past and it worked:...
  24. Re: Running Scripts From The Application Menu

    If you use dir(shutil) you will see what functions there are in it. copytree is not among them (not in PyS60 1.4.5 anyway; it's there in 2.0, but that won't work on the N70).

    Maybe you can write...
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    Re: Vibration on 5th edition phone

    I'm pretty sure those modules are the only way to make the phone vibrate in Python.

    Have you tried them? How exactly do they not work? Which versions of the modules and which version of PyS60 did...
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