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    How to add a new filed type


    I want to achieve contact extension,Such as "X-QQ", "X-MSN".ButIn the Symbian Contact field uids and the Contact field type vCard mappings, there is no definition of the appropriate fields.
  2. Application closed:Contacts CPbkEmbeddedImag 2

    When I format a vCard electronic business card into the database, there has been such a mistake, "Application closed:Contacts CPbkEmbeddedImag 2".Spent a lot of time, still does not solve the problem.
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    Sending and receiveing e-card

    I would like to send and receive electronic business card via SMS,How to find examples of this or related classes?
  4. How to receive and send electronic business cards?

    I participated in a personal information management software development,But I am very familiar with sending and receiving electronic business cards,I want to know when I will be contact information...
  5. Finding source code of Symbian S60 fifth edition of the directory

    I am eager to find the source code of Contacts of Symbian S60 5th.
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