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  1. Camera preview, mediaelement and idle detection/lock screen

    I have an app based on NativeFilterDemo that basically shows camera preview using mediaelement.
    While app is open, lock screen is not being engaged.

    Tried both in release and debug mode.
  2. Re: Problem with Microsoft.Phone.Maps.Map when going full screen

    480, 853 are quite correct values. It's for 720p devices (1280x720 resolution). For other devices it should be 480,800.
    So it's okay
  3. Re: Distinguishing published app from development version

    There is a very simple way to do what you want - if xap contains file WMAppPRHeader.xml (check using Application.GetResourceStream ), then it's app from marketplace. Otherwise it's handmade xap....
  4. Re: Can't get a tcp socket connection established on wp8 emulator

    When you start WP8 emulator, the emulator has no internet connection during first one or two minutes. Please check if you have internet initialized inside the emulator using IE icon.
  5. Re: 1280x768 Dynamic LockScreen Wallpaper from Background Agent

    I found that DecodeJpeg is not a good idea for Background Agent. In my app I checked both this way and BitmapImage loading from stream and the second one had less memory footprint.
    Did you try old...
  6. Re: troubles on showing argb data in a surface control

    So what's the actual issue? Do you have a sample project which reproduces the problem?
  7. Re: AudioVideoCaptureDevice, Native recording, SetAudioSampleSink, IAudioVideoCapture

    Thanks for looking at.
    I tried these properties and they are not helpful.
    If you suggest external library, what it would be?
  8. AudioVideoCaptureDevice, Native recording, SetAudioSampleSink, IAudioVideoCaptureDevi

    I'm recording video and audio using native interface (see AudioVideoCaptureDevice, IAudioVideoCaptureDeviceNative).
    When sinks are setup, I begin to receive samples from device and it's ok.

  9. Re: Would Nokia send new Lumia 920 / 820 WP8 Phones to developers?

    My PC is a very fast one, it's upgraded (both SSD and RAM), only CPU seems old for emulator.
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    Re: NFC on WP8 Lumia 820 and 920

    I would suggest looking at Windows 8 NFC API.
  11. Re: Would Nokia send new Lumia 920 / 820 WP8 Phones to developers?

    I'm pretty sure Nokia will send some 920/820 devices. Would be great if it can be done prior to release of WP8. Currently, WP8 emulator requires i3 CPU at least, and my upgraded pc has just core 2...
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    Re: Windows Phone devices?

    Is there any update on that topic?
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    Re: Windows Phone 7 for Developers

    Hi! We all are glad with Nokia about launching new smartphones!
    I'm also interested in developer phones, which Nokia was promising before.
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    Re: Windows Phone Platform security

    Let me share what I know on this topic
    1. Yes, there is a mechanism but it's not official and not documented. You will not be able to push app with native code into marketplace.
    2. You can be WP7...
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