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  1. S40 Full Touch - How to show virtual keypad, when making a IVR call using tel scheme


    I've done making a IVR Call by using "Tel URI" scheme, like shown below and Its works perfectly..! Where problem is, In Full Touch mobile device, while making call, user need to give some...
  2. Is this possible make call from app, without asking user permission..?


    I've implemented "Tel URI" scheme, like below shown, to make call for a given nomber from my app. and Its works perfectly..!

    <a href="tel:+9192******74">Dial Me</a>

    when i click the...
  3. Is this possible to create Popup window in s40


    I want to show some content, inside a Popup window. But in s40 browser didn't support
    position:absolute; top:0; left:0; like these css properties. so i'm not able to postioning the popup...
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