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    Re: TcpSocket permission denied problem

    I had a scenario with Qt4,7 of S^3 where is was not prompting for the user grantable capabilities, so signing with a valid cert made my application work. But like you said it should work as a...
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    Re: TcpSocket permission denied problem

    you need to 1) set the capabilities for the exe as you have done, 2) sign the sis package with a cert that grants you that capability

    see http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Capabilities
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    Re: Unable to run Qt Mobility example

    I assume you are running the desktop version. The errors means that you don't have the library installed. Did you install the mobility libraries?
  4. Re: Cannot send SMS the second time. Need help with QtMobility problem!

    A quick look at the quick start guide and a search for capabilties http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-1.1.0/quickstart.html shows Messaging needs LocalServices ReadUserData WriteUserData...
  5. Re: Cannot send SMS the second time. Need help with QtMobility problem!

    You are creating your message object as an auto variable (i.e on the stack) and then it gets destroyed when your on_toolButton_clicked method exits. This is the problem. If you declare it as a member...
  6. Re: How do I create a link the the S60 App Menu?

    Thanks, I see now that there are two ways to 'launch' a Flashlite application using a symbian 'stub' application... Thanks for the info. Cheers
  7. Re: How do I create a link the the S60 App Menu?

    According to the documentation here http://library.forum.nokia.com/index.jsp?topic=/Flash_Lite_Developers_Library/GUID-9664A6E4-3D70-43F4-BF59-DCED2BE43C37.html

    <quote>To use stub applications,...
  8. How do I create a link the the S60 App Menu?


    AFAIU you can create a Icon for Flash Lite 2 onwards by creating a symbian 'stub' application that launches the swf file. Is this the only way to register an application in the S60 App view?
  9. Re: Does anybody know how to convert binary data to hex?

    Just for fun, I think the following would work also to convert a 32bit binary integer to a hex string.

    TBuf<20> aBuf;
    TUint nibbleMask = 0b00000000000000000000000000001111

    for (TInt...
  10. Thread: S60 Speed

    by billbonney

    Re: S60 Speed

    Which S60 phone models are you basing your assessment on? If you check out some of the newer models the performance of the UI in displaying applications is noticeably quick. There's been alot of work...
  11. Re: problmes with signsis in s60 3rd FP1 & Carbide

    Any comments?
  12. problmes with signsis in s60 3rd FP1 & Carbide

    When building in Carbide I have an issue with S60 3rd FP1 SDK where signsis fails for no obvious reason.

    ***Invoking signsis.exe.......
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    Re: intalled application version information

    Dependency is managed by the Application Installer, there does not seem to be an API to retreive the information.

    Check this post for more info on how to manage dependencies on other installed...
  14. Re: How to display descriptors during deugging in Visual Studio

    Yes, it's just not automaically expanded as before. You can look at the memory location for the actual data, you can figure out the real length by looking at it in HEX.

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    Re: S60 3rd edition linker problem

    more info can be found here http://www.symbian.com/developer/techlib/v9.1docs/doc_source/guide/Base-subsystem-guide/N10086/BasicTypes/Boolean.guide.html#BasicTypesGuide%2eboleean

    I remember being...
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    Re: About code warrior

    If you would like to do some developement for Symbian Based Devices I would reccomend using the FREE Carbide developers tools that are available (based on Eclipse IDE) at
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    Re: S603d device: timezone issue in calendar app

    Hi all, here's an update on the progress of this reported issue,

    It's been identified as an issue with S60 3rd Edition (SOS 9.1) and a update will be coming in future devices. As yet it's not...
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    Re: CPeriodic Blocking Input!

    If you are effectively pushing any OS so hard that it's trying to 'catch-up' it will become unrepsonsive... Windows becomes unrepsonsive on poorly written heavy processing applications, just as...
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    Re: CPeriodic Blocking Input!

    Not sure of the solution, but i would suggest the following

    1) Do not set CPeriodic to complete, i.e. call your game loop, in a time faster than you can calculate a frame. CPeriodic will 'back up'...
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    Re: CPeriodic Blocking Input!

    It's not possible :(

    The best solution is to have the OfferKeyEventL() just set a flag (or field in a strcuture) to indicate the state of the keys. Then have your Game loop inspect the flag or...
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    Re: Problem in using RSocket::Read() Recv()

    There are many ways of determining length of a 'packet', a couple of suggestions below.

    1) Send a fixed length data packet containing length of a variable length data packet. Read Length first of...
  22. Re: Strategies for leave safety in ownership-transferring functions

    Simple answer No. If it leaves you must accept that ownership transfer failed.

    So I agree with Hotcheese. Transfer of ownership happens as the last action of the function...
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    Re: streaming mp3

    The solution is using the code posted by santosh modified like so

    RArray<TInt> configParams;

    // This setup converts audio to 16000Hz 16 bit mono PCM
    configParams.Append(1); // stereo to mono...
  24. Re: E70: Please Report the Mulder files and remove them

    Well, I suppoe they are, but they must have some value, I would have thought. :)
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    Re: API capability requirements

    Wow... this thread is getting long ;-o Have you found a solution yet?

    The simple answer is you need to request a set of UIDs in the 0x2... range from Symbian and use for you exe/dll and you can...
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