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    C++ application main entry point

    Can someone explain me where the application entry-point is for a C++ program. I want to develop a non-GUI based program and I don't know if the building process for the same.
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    Obtaining a Certificate

    We require Certificates to sign our SIS packages. Symbian Devnet states that we should be able to acquire these from you. What is the procedure, whom should we contact?
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    Freeing serial port

    I am writing an application which uses serial port, I would like to test it on the emulator, but all ports are already busy. How to free the port?
  4. Using Bluetooth with Crystal and Quartz SDK

    Based on header files, it seems to be that Crystal and Quartz SDK's support Bluetooth. Do you know if it is possible for the any of the PC emulators to support bluetooth?
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    what's the latest version of the SDK?

    We are using the Crystal 0.3 BETA SDK. Is that the latest version? How do we find out?
  6. is there an API to display a contact list?

    There is an API to access the contact database, but is there also one to access the Contact List UI (e.g., used in email recipient?)
  7. Sending Contact information from PC to 9210

    How can I send contact-list information from a PC to a Communicator using both the InfraRed port and Serial (COM) port? Does it need a certain data format?
  8. can MFC compiled DLL's be used with the Symbian emulator

    If the DLL file is fully written and compiled under MFC account MFC DLL format, can I use it directly for following development under Symbian OS emulator environment?
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