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    Reading text file in J2ME

    Hi all,

    I am trying ot read a .txt file in J2ME but I am having some problems. My problem is not the path, the path is set correctly, but still catching an exception. The code is donw here. Please...
  2. Re: retrieving latitude and longitude from cellid,lac,mcc,mnc

    Hi all,
    Does this API provide even the coordinates of the user (Lat and Long).
  3. Can i modify sis file after getting it signed (online)

    dear all,

    i have developed a Qt application and i want to get it signed online. i'll most probably need to add some more functionality and modify some of the existing functionality after getting...
  4. Re: Error installing Qt to Symbian device, error -11

    Hi guys,

    I am kind of having the same problem but I am getting a -5 error instead of -11........ Can anybody please tell me at least what that means????
  5. Is programming a LBS app. for 6700 the same as for N97 or N85 ????

    I have developed a LBS application using JSR-179 API and it works great on 6700 but in some phones like N97 and N85 it does not work. it does not get the GPS coordition at all, it keeps saying...
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    Re: J2ME google maps path

    Hi every developer,
    I am trying to make a path by just giving two points"latitude,longitude" returning a route showing you the best way to get there by using roads...without establishing a route....
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