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    Re: Problem building gateway


    Some tomcat installations require the db config file not in the bin directory, but for instance in the "root" tomcat directory. It all boils down from where the tomcat process is started -...
  2. Re: Installing GW - mws-gw-db.cfg permission denied


    funny that something that worked stopped working for no apparent reason. When you start tomcat (manually), what does it saz on stdlog / stderr? Also, when you try accessing mws-musers, what...
  3. Re: Mobile webserver gateway configuration problem

    I didn't mean the exceptions blurped by the client when you are trying to connect, as the problem is in the server.

    I would like to see the
    (a) messages emitted by tomcat during startup...
  4. Re: Mobile webserver gateway configuration problem

    could you send the texts of the exceptions? Thanks! :-)

  5. Re: raccoon-0.9.2: month wrong in /logs application

    Hi Marv, sorry for being offline again.

    Yes, your input is not only precious, but also gives use the pleasure that someone is interested in the stuff we created. I only regret is that at the...
  6. Re: raccoon-0.9.2: month wrong in /logs application

    I meant the issues listed in gw/webapps/messenger/docs/index.html.

    Since it was a while ago I have written this particular demo, it is pretty much all I can quote here. The similarity of your...
  7. Re: raccoon-0.9.2: month wrong in /logs application


    it has been a while since I write that demo, and lately I've been busy with something entirely different things.

    If I am not entirely mistaken, the "leave a message" should work in the OS...
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    Re: MWS GW build problem


    as far as I remember, installing junit and enabling it in ant are the only things you need to do. The docs\installguide.html doc in the "Software Prerequisites and Their Versions" describes in...
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    Re: firewall issues?

    Oops, the only reason that comes to mind is the worst scenario: looks like those operators / ISPs are blocking arbitrary outbound TCP connections.

    I assume here that otherwise you can browse the...
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