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  1. Re: Adding a certificate to certificate store programmatically

    Yes, I also think that the problem is the declaration of RFs object.
    I think it there should be a token in the CryptoToken library that we can use to access to certificate store but I can't find it....
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    Re: Password behaviour of Symbian keystore


    I´m developing a program to autenticate using digital certificates. I´m working with c++ to achieve this objetive. Did you use this languaje to do yours programs?
    First I did the same with a...
  3. Re: CUnifiedCertStore - certstore.lib linkage?

    Hi Dominik

    I think that it is because you have not adding the library in the mmp file.
    I got the same problem and I resolved it adding the line "LIBRARY certstore.lib" in the mmp file.

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