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    Re: onScreenKeyboardClosed event?

    Thanks, Ilkka.
  2. Any limitations on concurrent XMLHttpRequest(s)?

    Hello Community,

    I would appreciate if you share your knowledge on any limitation applicable to multiple XMLHttpRequest running concurrently.
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    onScreenKeyboardClosed event?

    Hello Community,

    I am looking for an event that my JavaScript may get when the user closes the screen keyboard on a touchscreen device without any changes made.

    What would you recommend?
  4. Re: How to specify widget content with Web SDK (Apatana)?

    symbianyucca, may be you know why Aptana is missing Ant builder and how to bring the Ant to work with Aptana?
    Currently I stuck with error message Launch configuration type id...
  5. Re: How to specify widget content with Web SDK (Apatana)?

    Thanks for the answer. I'll look for other packaging alternatives
  6. How to specify widget content with Web SDK (Aptana)?


    Currently 'Package command' packages entire project directory, including files and subdirectories needed for design time only (such as art works originals)

    Is it possible to specify in...
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