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  1. QNetworkAccessManager setconfiguration() error.


    I have problem with QNetworkAccessManager setconfiguration(). I compiled my app and get this error:

    Class QNetworkAccessManager has no member named setconfiguration

    Some lines:

  2. Re: QBluetoothZero or QuteMessenger not run - n95-3

    I do not find any link to open a thread in the discussion section (QBluetoothZero projects). Maybe I have no privileges to do that or the projects is close. I think contact the project owners is...
  3. Re: QBluetoothZero or QuteMessenger not run - n95-3

    QBluetoothZero is a 3rd party bluetooth library. in http://projects.developer.nokia.com/qbluetooth/browser there are QBluetoothZero_selfsigned_S60_FP1.sis, library for FP1 devices (my n95-3 is S60...
  4. QBluetoothZero or QuteMessenger not run - n95-3

    This is my first post, I don't speak English, I have this problem:
    I'm working with Nokia Qt SDK (Qt Creator 2.0.1, based on Qt 4.7.0). The versions installed on n95-3 -> qt 4.6.3 qt mobility 1.0.2...
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    Re: XQTelephony phone number error

    Now it work, I install last version of nokia QT SDK. Thanks.
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    XQTelephony phone number error

    Hi all.
    I have this problem: I am using XQTelephony to monitoring call, but I can get the phone number. I use this

    m_telephony = new XQTelephony(this);

    lastStatus =...
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