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    QApplication construction fails


    I have a simple UI application that has a single QApplication object. When i try to start it twice i get this error showing on the screen:

    "Program Closed: Main CONE 28"

    The first...
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    API for simulate "Page All" Event


    I've been trying to find out if there are any APIs which can simulate a condition where all the code is paged (i.e can be paged in or out in a WDP environment). Is there anything like this in...
  3. Re: Template specialization involving Template class

    Thanks Morten.

    I do have a non-template overload of this function which takes TDesC but the compiler would always choose the template function which is why I wanted to provide a specialization for...
  4. Template specialization involving Template class

    I have this template signature:

    template<typename T>
    TBool Foo(const T& aData)

    The problem is providing template specializations for something which is already a template itself eg a...
  5. Re: template vs. non-template versions of a function

    Thanks for that, it is strange behaviour but I guess a work-around will have to be used.
  6. template vs. non-template versions of a function


    I have two functions:

    TBool MyFunctionX(const TUint16 myInt, const TDesC16& aData)
    RDebug::Printf("normal version of MyFunctionX()\n");
    return EFalse;
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