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  1. Re: Impossible to enter the "Installed application" menu [5800xm]

    The application is ok, it seems a problem on my device, something like corrupted the system application management or the java engine...
    If i try to re-instsall the new version, the phone asks me if...
  2. Re: Impossible to enter the "Installed application" menu [5800xm]

    ok sorry,
    I thought it concerned java developper... anyway I'll post there too.
    Thanks again
  3. Impossible to enter the "Installed application" menu [5800xm]

    I tried to update a java application on my 5800, but during the installation process something went wrong.
    Now, on my application folder there is no old version neither the newer version. And...
  4. Re: 5800 S60 5th Ed. - Numbers appearing briefly in top right of screen navigating me

    Hi wizard_hu_,
    the same is happening to me, but in may case shouldn't be an application but a reset and then a full restore. Is it possible?
    Are there anyother issues to know?
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