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  1. Its solved with a clean installation of all the...

    Its solved with a clean installation of all the softwares
    first jdk, eclipse, nokia
    Thanks any ways for the reply,

    BTW do you know where the javadocs are available for the com.nokia packages,...
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    opening a jpeg in nokia 40/60 series

    Hello All,

    If I am not wrong images in j2me could be opened using the
    1. low level apis of midp/cldc
    2. low level apis of nokia packages.
    3. Is there a jpegViewer or some thing i.e a high level...
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    javadocs for the com.nokia package?

    Any one has the link to javadocs of the com.nokia packages that come with the SDK(60 series)

    -Praveen Acharya
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    Re: Adding Images

    1. The Image is not found I guess, chk the path of the file
    2. Try other createImage methods
    3. You will have to do display.setCurrent and display it once you get he image correctly loaded.
  5. Windows XP service pack2 ( nokia suite 2.2 error)

    Hello ALL,
    any one has installed and able to run the Nokia Suite 2.2 sucessfully on the below config:

    1. Windows XP service pack 2
    2. Java 1.4.2_6
    3. Eclipse 3.0

    the sdk is getting installed...
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