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    Re: Synchronization of data

    hi morpheus,

    two ways to do that. by using JSR-75 [PIM] or JSR-230[SyncML].

    but i dont know how may devices supports SyncML, and my application should reach maximum number of devices. So i...
  2. Re: how can i read inbox messages using JSR-75

    thanx to you all for quick reply :)
    i am tring with c++
  3. how can i read inbox messages using JSR-75

    hello friends,

    i wants to read messages using JSR-75. i found one thread http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?forumID=76&threadID=710437

    from that thread i found that we can read messages by...
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    Re: Accessing Contacts without using PIM API

    Hi Kannan,

    I think it is not possible with MIDlets[MIDP 1.0]. you have develop in C++.
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    Re: Strange HTTP Issues

    hi stefanogalizia,

    welcome to Nokia forum.

    Nokia 6680 and 6630 (updraded version only) will not support InputStream properly.
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    Re: Contact.REVISION field support (JSR-75)


    I am trying to synchronizing PIM api with server side api over http, while working on that i found, nokia will not support Contact.REVISION. because of that i got to depend on SyncML. there...
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    Re: Calling a .NET WebService Using midlets

    hi nicenouman,

    this thread will help you:

  8. Re: how can i delete duplicate contact entry...

    hi peter,

    i am working on SyncML. thanx for your valuable information.

    Can i have you yahoo! id?
    If i have any doubts i can easily communicate with you :)
  9. Re: how can i delete duplicate contact entry...

    Hi peter,

    hi Peter,

    Thanks for your replay and solution. It could solve my problem, but I am not developing this application for my personal use. This is our company requirement. Creating...
  10. how can i delete duplicate contact entry...

    Hello friends,

    i am working on JSR 75 (PIM). My application should store all contact details in the server. for that i am using "toSerialForm" to export contact details, for importing i am using...
  11. Re: A way to identify mobile phone vendor programatically...?

    use System.getProperty("microedition.platform") to get the mobile device vendor name.
  12. Unable to sign my MIDlet with freecerts CA

    Hello friends,

    I found, http://www.freecerts.com providing free root certificate for Mobile Devices.

    So i planed to use that certificate with my mobile device.

    For Signed MIDlet, i followed...
  13. Re: how do I import my root CA certificate on nokia 6021 or nokia 6600 or nokia 9330.

    Hello acceltree_pune,

    thanks for your thread. I am also facing same prob.

    I got my Thwate trail certificate.
    But i am not getting how to install it in Nokia S40 mobiles. Could help me on this....
  14. Re: how much data i can send to server from midlet?

    thanks Mr. mopfattn :)
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    Re: Unique Handset ID or Phone Number

    hi balagopalks,

    thanks for your information. But my problem is, how can i upload certificate to my mobile device, i dont have any CA certificate.
  16. how much data i can send to server from midlet?

    Hello Friends,

    I wants to know how much data can send to the server from MDIlet.

    and what data(xml,img,txt,...) i can send to the server.

    can any one help me on this?
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    Re: Unique Handset ID or Phone Number

    Hello Friends,

    Thanks for your Thread. I am also searching for IMEI number. This is very helpful for me.

    Based on your help i created a small test based Signed MIDlet application to display...
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