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  1. Re: Can we install multiple OS on our mobiles like we have on our desktops/PCs ?

    We cant say no, but it can be done.But company has to do more R&D on that angle it is not a big Task.Like Blackberry ,the company acquired QNX and later fully shifted into QNX platform.It depends on...
  2. What is best way to test on old devices before distribution?

    Hi ALL,
    What is best possible way to test app builds to older devices like series 40 3rd edition devices.Generally those devices are not available in app store.If a developer want quickly test...
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    Re: platformrequest("tel: ");

    May be you have to signed up your app so that it won't ask for confirmation, hence dialog won't display.
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    How to test apps on each Platform !!

    Hi, We want to test app on each platform at least one device before publish to app store.Specially for S40 3rd Edition - 240x320 - Nokia 6270 we did not find particular device from Remote Device...
  5. Re: How to access GPS from Nokia 5130 Xprssmusic?

    Buy a GPS receiver from shop .This problem is very common. The technology behind is "if a mobile does not inbuilt GPS it will look up an external GPS receiver which you have to provide and then...
  6. Re: Using Nokia phone as workstation in wireless network in industrial environment.

    I understand your requirement. If you want to discuss details like which Nokia device to select for work station ,cost of App and duration of App please contact pda_top at rediff dot com we...
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