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  1. Re: How to create new application for nokia 6212


    Yes it is possible to create application for nokia 6212. Can you please try your application on a 6212 device and keep it near another NFC device and check whether communication is happening...
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    Re: NFC - Publisher & Subscriber

    Yes that's true. When phone publishes message a message Id is generated which will be used later to stop publishing it. And if we are not stopping it in the code then it will keep publishing it. If...
  3. Re: Nokia Lumia 820 - NFC UID - Smart Card Reader

    According to the thread http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Discussion/showthread.php?238752-NFC-phone-s-UID-as-a-Login-Account for N9 device UID changes. I haven't tested this myself.
  4. Re: How to detect that Tap+Send setting is disabled or enabled [WP8]


    Changing device setting through an app in WP8 is not possible. However, when you tap two WP8 devices and their Tap+Send setting is on , they will create a NFC communication channel that can be...
  5. Re: Nokia Lumia 820 - NFC UID - Smart Card Reader


    Your question is not much clear to me. But regarding reading of UID there is one more thread in the forum: ...
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