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    Re: JSR75 Problem with Dates/Times

    Have you an answer ?

    I have a similar problem on Nokia 6230i and Nokia 6280 for reading the time of an event via the JSR-75 API
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    Re: how to abort or cancel a http connection

    I am also interested in stoping/interrupting the network transfer after the call httpconnection.openInputStream();

    After this call, I have tried several methods to stop the transfer:
    - thread =...
  3. Re: Agent appplication with should run in background

    With Sony Ericsson and Nokia S60 phones, you can put the midlet in Background by setting : Display.setCurrent(null).

    On Sony Ericsson, when a midlet is in background (not visible), you can not use...
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    Re: Incoming call on J2ME in N7650

    No fix,
    have a look at http://developer.symbian.com/main/downloads/papers/midplifecycle/midplifecycle.pdf

    On S60, you can't use pauseApp(), you must use canvas.showNotify()

    On UIQ, you can...
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    Re: Background process using J2ME

    It seems to be not possible to put the midlet in background with a Nokia device.
    But with a Sony-Ericsson , you can use display.setCurrent(null) to hide the User Interface
  6. Re: PIM API: updating contact causes a reboot on 6270!

    the people having the following phones could test my application to see whether their telephone reboots too:
    Nokia 6270 firmware version : V 03.53 15-11-05 RM-56.
    Nokia 6280 firmware version : V...
  7. Re: PIM API: updating contact causes a reboot on 6270!

    It was a phone contact

    What is your phone model?
  8. PIM API: updating contact causes a reboot on 6270!

    using the PIM API (JSR) to add and update a contact, I have a serious problem: the Nokia 6270 reboots when I commit an updated contact!

    my source code is below.
    What is wrong? The contact is...
  9. Re: MIDP:commands customization and alert as layer

    Thanks you for your answers,
    I am trying J2ME Polish.
    I have successfully customized to Options menu.

    But, have you a sample code to customize an Alert to show it as a layer over the previous...
  10. MIDP : Show only 2 commands to a screen without “options” menu

    Is it possible to show only the 2 commands “Ok” and “Cancel” without the “Options” menu on the Alert screen? I have tried to change the command types and command priorities without success.
  11. MIDP:commands customization and alert as layer

    With MIDP, is there a means to customize the commands like does the application Opera mini (options menu with background color and item tree)?
    I would also like to customize popup/alert to show them...
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