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  1. Re: Integration of Nokia S60 5th Edition into eclipse pulsar

    Hi Raj,

    Im using Windows 7 OS. And how to configure this admin rights for this emulators?

  2. Re: Integration of Nokia S60 5th Edition into eclipse pulsar

    Hi Mahbub,

    First of all thanks for the reply,

    First i attached the S60 Emulators into the eclipse by adding it through J2ME Device Management and after adding i just created the project with...
  3. Integration of Nokia S60 5th Edition into eclipse pulsar

    Hi all,

    I Have an issue in integrating the Nokia S60 5 th Edition integrating it with the eclipse pulsar.

    I have added the devices to the eclipse pulsar edition from SUN WTK and as well as from...
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    Hacking RMS Data

    Hello everybody,

    I have a doubt of how access the RMS data of a j2me application from other j2me application or some other application. Is is possible or if it is possible can anybody suggest of...
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    Re: Http request problem!

    Yes you can use a gauge on alert for each http request saying that some process in goin on and after some time throw a timeout for the connection,because user cant wait for so long. its better to...
  6. Re: Nokia S40 series handling timer + timertask

    Thanks for the repoly guys,

    Graham, but how can you implement a httpconnection timeout with just only using Thread and Runnable and without using a timer&timertask.

    Thanks in advance....
  7. Nokia S40 series handling timer + timertask


    I have a problem in implementing a timer and timer task with an httpconnection in order to achieve a timeout for the connection if in case it doesn't receive a response. It was successfully...
  8. Re: Installation of j2me apps on diff devices via OTA


    Thanks for all the help!!

  9. Installation of j2me apps on diff devices via OTA


    There is a situation where, if consider like we get a link to download a j2me app from a website, and once we use the link and connect to the server, based on the handset model that...
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    Bluetooth Devices cached


    I just want to know how can i retrieve devices which have been found in the last inquiry, and how to store the devices list so that i can retrieve the devices instead of using device Inquiry...
  11. Re: http connection to retrieve a map with a route

    HI all,

    I use Nokia 6500 slider model..

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    Visual tag support in NFC nokia 6131.

    Hi all,

    I have a doubt on visual tag support in JSR 257 API in nokia 6131 NFC.How can we get the targeted tag, like will the NFC device will scan the visual tags?Need a quick...
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    Re: J2ME google maps path


    Im too stuck in the same problem,, but i some how got with markers, and do u have any idea of how to draw the route source to destination, and do we encode or decoding somethin lke...
  14. http connection to retrieve a map with a route


    I'm able to send and retrieve the map using HTTP connection, but can't able to retrieve the map if i use the following URL in real mobile.. .,,but displaying as Invalid address, please...
  15. RDS implementation in javaME in S40 devices

    Hi all,

    I want to know about the RDS support in javaME API for develpment of application.

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    How to receive sms from a Web Server


    I need to receive sms from my web server(.net platform) wch has a GSM modem connected to it, now i need this web server to send SMS to a particular port(say 50000) that my midlet...
  17. Loading applets into the secure element.

    Hi all,

    I'm new this concept of secure element.I need to load the applets into the nokia 6131 NFC mobile Secure element, but unfortunately i am unable to load the applet(.CAP file) into...
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    About Secure Element

    Hi all,

    I need some information on Secure Element with NFC so that im in project to unlock the SE and put some applications ans later to access those applications based on security...
  19. need to access a clip form phone & memory card

    HI everybody,

    I need a help regarding accessing a phone memory as well as memory card through the application.Is there any KT regarding that.
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    Re: Sending and Reciving SMS

    Hi maruffaiz,

    There would some problem with push registry settings in JAD file and well as push registry code for dynamic registration.even i got struck exactly with same problem,working...
  21. Re: receiving binary sms in java ME midlets.

    hi bhanuchander,

    Thanks for replying,
    But again after continous R&D, im able to send image or ringtone via SMS to the port 50000, using push registry and application is invoked upon...
  22. Re: receiving binary sms in java ME midlets.

    hi Bhanuchander,

    Thanks for replaying thr post, see now i have did dome modifications in the code,as i tested and its working fine in WTK emulator, but wen i execute it in my mobile it...
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    how to send image or ringtone via sms


    I have a need to develop a midlet which send a pictures,images and ringtones to other mobiles. so i have a confusion like whether this picture or images comes in SMS category or in MMS...
  24. Re: receiving binary sms in java ME midlets.


    Thanks for u suggestions,

    But the thing is that now i made some changes in the code, and now im able to receive the sms in the inbox, but it says as "Unsupported message type?Delete...
  25. receiving binary sms in java ME midlets.

    Hi everybody,

    I'm little bit confused about this mobile messaging, the thing is that i have developed an application which will send any image of ringtone as binary message to othe mobiles...
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