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    Location Issue In Nokia C-03 and S40

    Hi All,
    I am developing LBS in Nokia C-3 using JSR 179, problem is that when i call location method, phone is searching for a bluetooth gps device, which i dont have so i end up not getting any...
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    Re: Localization problem Nokia c3-00

    @ frco.marin, C3 support JSR-179, but the problem with C3 is that, when you request for location it try to get location from blue tooth device, that's why you got the message “No device found check...
  3. Re: Unable to connect with SSL server with Signed Application

    Thanks for your reply,I forgot to set permission for ssl connection in JAD.

  4. Unable to connect with SSL server with Signed Application

    Hi All,

    I am connecting my application with SSL server, it works fine for unsigned application, but when i singed it with developer certificate(both on device and server) it through certificate...
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    6131 never disconnect to internet


    i am using Nokia 6131.its always displayed "E" cover with Box on top left side of the phone through out the application whether the application is connected to the internet or not.it works...
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