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    Get error in renderer.renderasync()

    Hi, i'm just starting with HDR effect in nokia imaging sdk my plan is allow user to select picture from photochoosertask or capture picture from camera and then i will show some slider to adjust HDR...
  2. Re: Autocomplete with all address/city keyword

    how about here explorer beta? i find they using autocomplete for search , what api they using?
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    Add review and photo into here maps

    Hi, is there any api for me to add review and photo directly from my apps to here maps for location that i get from here places Rest API?
  4. Re: Autocomplete with all address/city keyword

    nokia/here services still need to location data (long,lat) and it will not usefull for me since what i want to do with my autocomplete is helping people to figure out the right string for location.
  5. Re: Autocomplete with all address/city keyword

    well i'm using here place api for getting detail from geocoordinate , so i want to get all address or city name avaiable in reverse geocode query for my autocomplete
  6. Adding information to Here Places API Restful

    Hi, how can i add information like new places and also review into here places api? i can't find any documentation about inserting review or picture or new place into here place api rest service... ...
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    Re: Parsing Json places to map?

    I think you first need to understand how to parse json data into c# this tutorial can be helpful to understanding that http://blog.roguecode.co.za/MakingaWindowsPhoneWeatherAppInAnHour

    and after...
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    Re: Add some place marker

    alright then, thank you for your help :D
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    Re: Add some place marker

    so I just need to have webserver ( windows azure can do it? ) and then I need to add each location longitude and latitude and showing it as marker into my application? can I also get data from here...
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    Add some place marker

    Hi, i have some question about my app, here is the scenario, i want my app to can add currently position as some place as restaurant(much like foursquare) and later it will showed in my app map as a...
  11. [XNA] Can't Draw 3D object in visual studio 2012 for windowsphone

    Hi, i want to ask, why i can't draw my 3D object in XNA using visual studio 2012? i'm just following the guide in msdn about marble game with 3D object.. and when i run it in emulator it show...
  12. [Ask] Using Nokia Ads Exchange in XNA API

    hi my fellow developers, i want to ask how can i integrated nokia ads exchange in XNA API? i looking around and just find example with silverlight apps not xna..... maybe anyone can help me with...
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