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  1. Re: What are all the options for installing an app/Xap on Windows Phone?

    Hi Hamish!!

    Actually, you can do This in two ways: sideloading or private beta:
    Sideloading: You need to have your phone registered as Developer phone for Deploy / sideload apps XAP directly from...
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    Re: Error in textbox

    Hi Murugan...

    What you want to do exactly? We need a bit more of information to help you... can you best describe your scenario, problema and what you want to accomplish?

    Thank you very much!
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    Re: WP7.x compatibility problem in WP8

    Hi theothernt, jebenito

    Althrought that code seems problematic... it crash with a NullReferenceException, not an InvalidOperationException. (you need to control that the Picture is not null before...
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    Re: WP7.x compatibility problem in WP8

    Hi Benito

    i talk with the windows phone product team and sadly they know about This issue and doesn't have a easy solution to it. What they propose is to create a wp8 Project and add as a link...
  5. Re: Internet Not working on Windows Phone 8 Emulator

    Hi Harneet

    If you open Hyper-V Manager, select one emulator and go to networking tab (bottom of the screen) do you see you data card listed in the Adapter/Connection list? If you dont see it, you...
  6. Re: Portable Client Library - MessageContractAttribute isWrapped not defined

    Hi chintan1891

    I have This working on a Portable Class Library targeting Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 apps... what your PCL targets are? Maybe if you are targeting Windows Phone 7 IsWrapped...
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    Re: Any API to cut audio file?

    HI pooja!

    There is no system API to cut audio files right now, if the file is a mp3 (MPEG Audio Compression) you maybe can use the header to determine how to cut the file. You can get the Bitrate...
  8. Re: Bluetooth Pairing of Nokia Lumia 820 (WP8) with Microchip RN-42 fails


    Peter Foot, Windows Phone MVP, has a library called 32feet that use SPP to Connect to barcode scanners from Windows Phone: http://peterfoot.net/32feetNETForWindowsPhone.aspx

    Maybe it can be...
  9. Re: Is it possible to request driving or walking directions to Nokia Here Drive app?

    Hello enzocontini

    Here you have the complete documentation on how you can use ms-drive-to URI scheme to launch de drive app of the phone :...
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    Re: Creating a Trial App with usage limit

    The only way to control usage is having the info in a remote server, when you uninstall an app, all information is deleted. You can check the server with async method when the user gets to the first...
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    Re: Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for Lumia Phones

    Hi Sergio!

    Windows Phone 8 have a Bluetooth API both for devices and accesories. It support various Bluetooth scenarios and profiles: A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.4, HFP 1.5, PBAP 1.1, OPP 1.1 and NFC OOB....
  12. Re: WP8: Map ViewChanged and ViewChanging events, extents


    The doc for the map control is very basic, but can be found in MSDN:

    Also i...
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    Re: Test on WP 7.8, release for WP 8?

    Windows Phone 8 can run all Windows Phone 7.X applications. But if you want to make use of Windows Phone 8 features, you need to target Windows Phone 8 runtime and cant test on Windows Phone 7.X...
  14. Re: Can Symbian Belle or Anna OS can be converted to windows OS

    You want to install Windows Phone OS on your symbian devices? thats not possible.
    If what you want is to port your applications, you need to rewrite them!
  15. Re: retrieve GSM variables Like Bcch from windows phone 7

    As far as i know, simply you can´t obtain any GSM information from your device. Windows Phone doesn´t expose any API to do this or to Access GSM radio device on your phone or outside it.
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    Re: Creating a listbox in windows phone 7


    What you need is not a listbox. A Listbox display all items and allows the user to pick one, what you need is a ListPicker, a control included with the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit...
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    Re: Creating a listbox in windows phone 7

    I dont know if this is a mistake when pasting code here, but in the <TextBlock Text=" {Binding dtDate}"> you have an space between " and {, if this is not a copy & paste mistake, please remove it for...
  18. Re: Upload camera captured photo to Facebook in few steps

    Thanks for the contribution! I think you can made a Wiki page with this to make it more visible :)
    Also congrats for your award, im also be selected as Nokia Developer Champion this month :)
  19. Re: Is Entity Framework 4.1 and Code First available


    In Windows Phone you only have access to Linq to SQL, no any version of EF can be used. You can generate a dbml file in a windows phone project simply adding a new item (for example a text...
  20. Re: How to capture "@" key pressed on textbox?

    The @ is an special key, its better to use the PlatformKeyCode property on KeyEventArgs to handle it. I test on my lumia this code and working fine:

    private void TextBox_KeyDown(object sender,...
  21. Re: How to Get Current Location Updates on basis of time

    This is not possible. You need to set a movement threeshold on which receive the update, you can use a DispatcherTImer as kkrish says, but is not recommended as you need to start/stop GPS every time...
  22. Re: How to find Location Provider in windows Phone

    You dont have a method to exclude the use of the microsoft location services, but i think the location services serve mainly for additional data like proximity to Points of interest and this such of...
  23. Re: Access device location settings directly from my app like bing maps

    I dont think is possible to do that, and even if you figure out the url used, you dont have any way to launch it, because for sure its not a conventional url, it is more a api call.
  24. Re: Access device location settings directly from my app like bing maps

    We dont have a way to directly open device location settings, you only have a ConnectionSettingsTask that can open the WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular data or Airplane mode pages, but not the...
  25. Re: How to find Location Provider in windows Phone

    Basicly this is controlled by the service layer and you cannot know exactly what source of data you have in each moment.
    Based on the value of GeoPositionAccuracy passed to the constructor of...
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