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  1. Error Maximum byte code length (32kB) exceeded


    I've got this error executing the game I'm developing for the 7650 and 3650 Nokia models.
    I'm using the Symbian Series 60 SDK 1.0 Emulator.
    Is this a real limit of the phones? What it means?...
  2. to create a Sprite frames array from a png...

    to create a Sprite frames array from a png containing all the frames (like the MIDP 2.0 does) and after insert the Sprite in a background (the example I wrote was only an esemplification).
  3. DirectUtils.createImage Transparency problem


    I'm trying to create a sprite array from a transparent png image, but when I write:

    Image image1 = Image.createImage("/spriteImage");

    Image sprite =...
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