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    Re: Localization using a PCL

    Have you checked if the localized assemblies are being deployed?
  2. Re: Performing code reuse in Windows Phone 8

    You can also use linked files by adding files to the project but adding then as links: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/vstudio/9f4t9t92.aspx
  3. Re: Use of BingMapsTask on WP8 and WP7 gives different result

    You can create two application projects (one for WP7 and another for WP8) and one (or more) library projects with the common logic and one (or more) pltafrom specific library projects wiht the...
  4. Re: In Wp7, how to include the 1 xaml page content in another xaml page

    Are you looking for UserControl?
  5. Re: Any idea on how to change the language dynamically?

    Tottaly agree, @wizard_hu_.

    But if @influencer still want to offer the option to explicitly set the language for the app, t can inform the user that it will only take effect on the next run or...
  6. Re: Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0) on Amber update

    I would say no.

    I have an 820 with Amber and still says Bluetooth 3.0 and a 720 without Amber that says Bluetooth 4.0.

    Pretty much what you can find here and here.
  7. Re: How to generate the Channel Uri eveytime when my App goes Live and gets publsihed

    Can you explain it a little bit better? I'm not understanding what you want.
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    Re: ServerSocket for Windows Phone 8

    Given that and SB Dev's suggestion, what are you missing?
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    Re: Cannot deploy Phoneapp1 to my lumia 920

    Does it deploy fine to the emulator?

    Do you have the phone developer unlocked?
  10. Re: QOTW: App displayed with Localized language support on WP Marketplace

    Hint: SupportedCultures
  11. Re: Making a synchronous web request from UI thread.

    I misunderstood your code, sorry.

    But you'll just have to do the same thing with your ServiceManager class. That class would have a command method to kick off the call and an event to notify the...
  12. Re: Making a synchronous web request from UI thread.

    The call to appUpdateAutoResetEvent.WaitOne() is blocking the UI thread.

    Have you tried something like this?

    //Show progress bar
  13. Re: Making a synchronous web request from UI thread.

    Sliverlight, Windows Phone and Windows RT were purposely made to not allow what you are asking for and the reason for it is because it's the wrong way to do things. The UI thread is only for user...
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    Re: Issues working with web browser control

    Can you give more details about what you are trying to do and what is failing?
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    Re: Issues working with web browser control

    You can count on eval being there.
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    Re: Localizing List of Objects!

    You might not see the immediate relation if you haven't gone through the links at the top.

    It might not be the answer to your question, but it's the recommend answer to your problem.
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    Re: Publish wp8 then wp7 app

    Doesn't Microsoft change the product code before the app gets published. That's how I can have both the published app on my phone and the in development app.

    You can submit more than one xap for...
  18. Re: ContextMenu's MenuItem DataContext returns old items

    Where does your FindItem come from?

    Can you post a simple complete page that reproduces the problem?

    I tried this one:

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