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    Re: TInt and TUid

    Ah yes its in e32def.h

    But "Tint" is used in that header even before it is declared.


    #define __PROFILE_DISPLAY(aNumberOfBins) \
    { TFixedArray<TProfile, aNumberOfBins> result; \
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    TInt and TUid

    I'm a beginner to Symbian OS and its SDKs.

    I began to read and tweak the HelloGUI application and I need to know where "Tint" and "TUid" have been defined.

    I looked at "e32std.h". It doesn't...
  3. Re: Carbide not recognizing installed UIQ SDK

    Any help? :(

    I'd really like to start off with the latest SDK/Toolkit. Its all a bit too confusing :(

    I think I should upgrade UIQ. Any links which I should use for the latest carbide version?...
  4. Carbide not recognizing installed UIQ SDK

    Hi All,

    I bought the "Symbian OS C++ For Mobile Phones" book and I installed the Metrowerks IDE and also the UIQ (SDK 2.0 Candidate 2) from the CD.

    Since Metrowerks IDE said it will expire in...
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