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  1. Re: OVI Store worster than Iphone's app store...

    Hello again,

    I understand your concern. Ive been a symbian user for over 5 years and i know nokia is the top selling mobile brand. Yes they do have a lot of work to do, yes they have heavily...
  2. Re: Notice: store.ovi.mobi not accessible with 5800

    Thats weird, thanks for the update!
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    Re: Ovi store log in problems.


    So do try the ideas that jim gave you here. But if you still face the odd difficulty,
    Try the following:

    1) Reinstalling your web browser. (Its not the best solution, but it does work...
  4. Re: OVI Store worster than Iphone's app store...


    Well first of all, welcome to the nokia forums.
    Ovi is still under massive development, Ovi is just about half a year old and they are trying to catch up as fast as possible. Everyone at...
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