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  1. Which Lumia's NFC Controller is NXP PN547 ?


    Windows phone 8.1 release new NFC features for Raw Access and Card Emulation, but it need new driver and NFC controller must be PN547.
    Could you kindly tell us which Lumia's NFC...
  2. Re: Problem reading NFC tag uid using Lumia 620 (Urgent)

    Windows Phone SDK not support reading UID now.
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    Re: Windows Phone 8 SDK and NFC Tag

    There is no any function can get tag's UID now.
  4. Re: how to read ISO15693 mifare tag using windows phone 8

    ISO15693 ? Do you mean NXP I-Code ? I test some devices (include phone, tablet and ultrabook) with NCF to read I-Code, only few devices supoort I-Code.
    And ..Lumia not support I-Code
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