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  1. Re: Screen update behaves differently on s60v3 and symbian^3

    I noticed this conflict too. But I simply put determine the S60 version info and define two methods for compatibility
  2. Re: IS there a Fast way to Make an image filter in PyS60?

    Thank you for responce.
    I am not that great in C++. So, I can't and also, That weakness in Symbian C++ led that I don't has the Carbide.c++ .

    So, I am unable to port the Ncv to PyS60 2.
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    Re: pys60 2.0.0 error launcher.py

    Did you installed it from the garage.maemo.org site?

    if not, that is recommended.

    even if you did it try downloading the PyS60_Binaries_error_fixed.zip

    and install the scriptshell.
  4. IS there a Fast way to Make an image filter in PyS60?

    Hello everyone, I have some coding experience in Python but I'm new at PyS60.

    Now, I'm on a project as they are a Good way to learn new things dynamically. :)

    My target is to make an invert...
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