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    Gaussian Blur

    Does anybody have a reasonably fast Gaussian Blur implementation for WP8? I'm not sure what exactly blur function the Imaging SDK has but it's not it.
  2. BUG: Blur filter with transparent Blend filter in *same* session produces artifacts

    This is for Nokia Imaging SDK.
  3. Re: ColorMatrix filter using Nokia Imaging SDK

    I've updated my implementation to include alpha & bias vectors into the matrix as happened to need those features. The bit crunching comes from the awesome WriteableBitmapEx lib.
  4. Re: ColorMatrix filter using Nokia Imaging SDK

    I thought I'd post my implementation of a color matrix transformation for anyone who might need it. Feedback welcome.

    Sample usage:

    var matrix = new ColorMatrixFilter(
    red: new[] { 0.9f,...
  5. ColorMatrix filter using Nokia Imaging SDK

    I'm new to image processing and Imaging SDK. The API reference doesn't have a filter that would accept a color transformation matrix to apply to the image.
    For example, consider this "matrix" in...
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