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  1. Re: HttpConnection getResponseCode() Error on 3650 and 7650 "Http-version mismatch"

    Hi Guys

    I am also facing the same issue with my old Nokia E61 device.

    Has anybody solved the issue without updating the software or changing the server side code.

    What i mean is -- Is it...
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    Re: can jar and jad be packed in one same jad.

    No No No

    jad file is a text file not a package ! u cannot put a zipped (jar) file in a text file. If you can then you have invented a new universe Live happily ever after
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    Re: io error occured

    check if you can read that particular folder thru a pc!
    if u can just clean up the folder and try reading the folder thru the app !
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    Re: To play audio file using MMApi

    Why is there no Realize and prefetch before start()...

    Check the sample MobileMediaAPI demo midlet of WTK . SimplePlayerGUI.java file for more information.
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    Re: J2ME Nokia Emulator Eror

    The Nokia emulator wasn't installed in netbeans properly , please follow the steps of installation carefully. The steps are provided with the sdk setup
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    Re: Problem with Display.callSerially() on N72

    Yes Callserially can be a problem on most devices. Better avoid using call serially, System.gc and other such system wide calls
  7. Re: how to solve the error "could not load payment api" in payment api implementati

    Are u sure the device supports Payment api ? or web services api -- i guess u need that for the soap part
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    Re: mobile java with netbeans

    Netbeans cannot find the preverifier ! please install the nokia sdk properly. use custom wtk while installing the nokia emulators
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    Re: Command Space in Mobile: Changing Color

    setFullScreenMode(true) will surely remove the top and bottom bar for most devices unless it is a damn motorola ! wherein u cannot remove the top bar which shows the battery and coverage indicator! ...
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    Re: implementing scrolling

    Another possibility is to use Custom items in forms this is if you still want to continue with High Level GUI.
    CustomItem is essentially a Canvas item but you can place it in a Form.

    Here u can...
  11. Re: Problem In Rms Application runnig very slow

    The best solution for this problem would be to have a loading screen
    Also it would be better if you have the connections done dynamically for each requirement rather than get all data from server...
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    Re: J2ME Media Player on E51 - no sound

    What are the steps you follow to play the file ?
    What is the size of the file ?
    Have u checked for memory issues like heap overflow ? ( This is becoz you say that the file plays for a while and...
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    Re: Validates the size of a text message

    Are u using Textfield ? is so use ItemStateListener and check for the length of the test using getString() method of TF, every time the user enters a new Char. Then u could throw an alert.
    IF u are...
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    Re: Choicegroup.popup

    Are you creating the screen with the Choicegroup again?? if so don't do it just set the screen with the Choice group to the current when you get back. You should pass the Form instance to the next...
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    Re: RMS Out of memory error

    Please have a check for available memory when you are loading the lists.
    Also you could load the list from RMS piece by piece instead of a whole big list. This way you can reduce ur app footprint. ...
  16. Re: Help! How to change the midlet icon on the idle screen of 6555

    Yes that icon is your midlet-icon. Set this value in the JAD . It is optional value.
    Right now the icon is being shown because you have the icon specified in the MIDlet-1 : name,icon,class
  17. Re: midlet can't connect internet while other app can

    Please catch all the Exceptions that the HTTPConnection can throw, with Exception e at the last. e.g ConnectionNotFoundException,IOException etc

    Show the exception on the screen by way of an...
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    Re: j2me GC question

    GC runs as a JVM initiated Thread and is in no way accessible to the Developer. i.e You have no control over GC .. To be sure that the GC collects your Form whenever it runs set it to null when its...
  19. Re: Nokia-MIDlet-auto-start property doesnt work on all Series 40

    It doesn't because your 6300 is an old version ..
    S40 3rd Edition does support this
  20. Re: Is there a universal application ID for sending MMS in J2ME?

    Is the MMS sent from JSR205 supported devices if you don't put the App-id in the url ?? .

    Please try ? and post the results!
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    Re: Ticker Problem

    Have you tried the application on any other device?
    Are you doing the Connection to server before displaying the Ticker ?
    Please call display before you connect to the server also Connection to...
  22. Re: j2me Code Signing: Self Signed Certificate VS Unknown Certificate VS No Certifica

    The type of Certificate that you need to get depends on the Type of operations your application does.

    1. Does it use HTTP/HTTPS:
    2. Do you do any File Connection/ PIM.
    3. Network connections...
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    Re: Specifying port number while sending SMS?


    I have tested this on many devices from LG, Samsung, Philips, Nokia, Motorola etc

    Sms without port number should go to the Inbox, Also WMA API is not supposed to pick up smses without port...
  24. Re: how can i get a develop sign on nokia phone 5300?

    Please clarify

    If you want to sign your app then give a search for Application signing in this forum. There are many threads that cater to this topic
  25. Re: Getting started - protected APIs, "developer mode"?

    One more thing is that even after unlock it may not work Don't Panic, It is the AMS(App Mgmt Service), To activate give permissions for access to restricted api through Options->Details.etc
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