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    Vodaphone dropping http connection

    I have written a midlet which sends sensor data to a web-server continuously.
    However, after two hours the Vodaphone Live access point, drops the connection and my midlet cannot recover. Basically,...
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    Developing on a Mac

    I'm developing midlets for Nokia phones that communicate using bluetooth.
    I use the bluecove.jar and eclipse to check out the bluetooth functionality from my Windows XP pc before putting the...
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    Re: Why is read() hanging?

    Thank you, but that is not the cause.
    The application hangs at the read() statement. Nothing is returned.
    I'm running the code in a java application on the PC using the bluecove library to debug...
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    Why is read() hanging?

    I'm trying to read() data from a connection to a bluetooth device.
    The device sees that I successfully connect and can send data.
    I then wait for a reply in a separate thread.
    However, the...
  5. Is sensor implementing bluetooth specification?

    I'm trying to send/read data to a bluetooth enabled sensor.
    The sensor implements SPP.

    I can send/read data to the sensor using Hypterterminal from a PC with a bluetooth dongle (over a virtual...
  6. Re: JSR 82 on Nokia 6021 does not recognise bluetooth sensor

    Hi Traud,
    My midlet code is the Nokia sample midlet btsppEcho (attached to the article "Introduction To Developing Networked MIDlets Using Bluetooth"). This has a client and a server component. The...
  7. Re: JSR 82 on Nokia 6021 does not recognise bluetooth sensor

    Thank you for both replies, I don't have too many leads on this one.

    Sorry Traud, I didn't fully explain, the phone the Symbian application runs is the Nokia 6680, it can discover the sensor...
  8. JSR 82 on Nokia 6021 does not recognise bluetooth sensor

    I have a java midlet which runs on the Nokia 6021. It can successful find my PC with a bluetooth dongle and another bluetooth phone.
    However, it cannot find a bluetooth sensor device.
    This line is...
  9. How do you run an application on the emulator on the PC so a phone can see it

    I have the Nokia bluetooth client/server btappEcho application working between two phones (Nokia 6021).
    I can run the application on two emulators on the PC.
    I want to run the application on a...
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