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  1. which socket should i use for receiving packets

    Dear All,
    am facing a problem with my code, am trying to initiate an RTP session. I succeeded with implementation of SIP authentication and registry but i cannot get the RTP steam ?
    i would...
  2. how to initiate voice call over sip using j2me ?

    Hi All
    i need to know how to initiate voice call over sip server
    using j2me
    please note that my midlet can register to sip server and i can capture video using my mobile only what i need how to...
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    SIP Registration

    i hava problem with my midlet i need this midlet so i can register to our Sip server: ; username and password 7777

    the problem this midlet can't register to Sip server and return the...
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    Re: video capturing using MIDlet

    i can capture video and audio in to input and output
    array stream and using buffer but the problem i can't show the video i captured i have programe a video canvas and it's working but only for...
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