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    Re: Also publish outside OVI

    Dear RomanAge,

    Please note that Nokia does not reserve any ownership rights over your application and you may distribute it outside of the Ovi Platform at your discretion; however, if you submit...
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    Re: trial and full versions submbission

    This is correct. Basically once you create a content item, the last 5 digits in the url is the content ID. E.g. https://publish.ovi.com/content_items/show/XXXXX. In the Ovi Store, the url will be...
  3. Re: Signing applications without owning any IMEI

    This is correct. Providing the IMEIs is not a requirement to getting your applications signed; however, without the IMEIs, we are unable to create the developer certificate installer and key pair for...
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    Re: Qt and "Ovi Store publishing tool"

    Dear Itomuta,

    Please be advised that for QT based applications, the file size limit is 350 MB, not 2MB. A disclaimer should be added "This item may require a one-time download of components as...
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    Re: Preparing an app for Ovi

    Dear Publisher,

    All you will need to do is package the QT smart installer and the .sis file into a wrapper.sis file and submit this to the Ovi Publish tool. For instructions on packaging QT...
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    Re: Where to upload Maemo Package (.deb)?

    Dear Luki,

    This is indeed curious. Could you kindly email publishtoovi.Support@nokia.com and provide us with your content item name and link so we can investigate further?

    If you are having...
  7. Re: Not recieved payment in this month September

    Dear Mobilemaster,

    Would you kindly provide us with your company name and user name and send your inquiry to publishtoovi.support@nokia.com? We can investigate this issue further once we receive...
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    Re: Symbian Signed, express or certified ?

    Capabilities available to Express Signed are User Capabilities and System Capabilities:
    - User Capabilities
    • LocalServices
    • Location
    • NetworkServices
    • ReadUserData
    • UserEnvironment...
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    Re: How to publish Theme to Ovi Publisher?

    This is correct. The liability insurance document is to protect Nokia and the company from the copyright issue as ringtone, theme and wallpaper contents are the ones that have the most copyright...
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    Re: Test app before publishing on ovi

    Dear amol_benare604,

    This is correct. You may verify that the certificate installeris installed correctly on device by going to Settings -> Phone -> Phone mgmt. -> Security settings ->...
  11. Re: "We are experiencing problems with the payment service"

    Dear sh2sg,

    Could you kindly email publishtoovi.support@nokia.com and provide us with more information about your purchase attempt?

    We will communicate this issue with the customer care agents...
  12. Re: OVI QA failed media for certificate error when they need to Sign application!!!

    Dear Alessandro,

    In order for us to better assist you, please provide your content item name and link to the Publisher Support Team at publishtoovi.support@nokia.com.

    However, from the QA...
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    Re: payment and sales report questions

    Hello Yabin,

    Please contact the Publisher Support Team at PublishtoOvi.Support@nokia.com with your company name so we can investigate further as to why you have not receive your payments. It might...
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    Re: .jar size limit in Ovi Store

    Dear Henrikweide,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    There is currently no size limitations when uploading J2ME application. We are currently updating the publisher's guide to reflect this change.
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    Re: Duplicate app name for different platforms

    Dear chaselivingston,

    Please be advised that two content items that have overlapping operator, and language distributions cannot share the same name. This provides bad user experience as a user...
  16. Re: App reviews disappear, appear,disappear, appear,disappear, appear,disappear

    Dear xlazom00,

    We apologize for the grief caused by this glitch in the system. This issue is currently being worked on by R&D and we plan to implement a fix in the next version of the Ovi Store...
  17. Re: My conntent was downloaded with unsupported phone model

    Dear Sajisoft,

    Please be advised that the initial download number in the reports page also includes downloads during QA review. This usually occurs shortly just before the publishing date and...
  18. Re: Do I need some ID, Key/certificate before uploading to ovi store

    Hello Mikeliius,

    Currently, to publish applications on the Ovi Store requires you to have a publisher ID which can be acquired from the TC TrustCenter. Please see the following links on obtaining...
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    Re: Empty reports

    Hello Klomptek,

    We have sent out a notification email to all publishers regarding the delays related to content download data and purchase data beginning on the 11th of March. The data should be...
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    Re: One content item in two languages

    Hello Nikos,

    You can upload as many binary files for your content item as long as they are of the same file type and application type. It would be best to title the files according to the...
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    Re: Entry criteria for Nokia Widgets WRT

    Hello Nik,

    Not all devices are supported by WRT. The list of WRT supported device is available in the forum nokia http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/matrix_all_1.html

    For several types of...
  22. Re: Is it possible to have individual purchaser's information?

    Hello Sasler,

    We do not currently offer tools that monitors the length of an application to emulate a "trial period". The work around offering a trial version of your application is to limit the...
  23. Re: Can I publish app to Ovi store when portraite or landscape orientation is blocked

    Hello Inzerion,

    If your application does not support both orientations, it should disable auto-rotate and force the orientation into either portrait or landscape.

    For J2ME midlets, this is...
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    Re: Forbidden links, what is the alternative?

    Hello MrAlt,

    Currently, we do not support subscription based applications (where users will be given access to "unlocked content" after they pay for downloading the application). The current...
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    Re: cost of publishing

    Hello zinja,

    Symbian Signing requires a publisher ID which you can obtain through the TC TrustCenter (if you have not done so yet.) Thereafter, Express Signed cost is 20USD per application;...
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