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  1. Re: What are the operating modes of NFC devices?

    What is the best NFC protocol to use for a Cell phone exchanging data with a toaster ? Would it be peer to peer ? Is ISO/IEC 18092 the way to go ? Since the toaster will not have many resources,...
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    NFC Hardware: Mobile Design Challenge - share and win!

    I am interested in the hardware aspects of NFC modules that talk to cell phones and the like. NXP seems closed mouthed about their chips and modules. I have been having difficulty ( and it may be...
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    Want advice on NFC prototyping

    As I want my robot to use NFC communications to cell phones, what are good vendors of NFC chips ? I will require low volumes to start with. I want the ability to exchange text messages. Any...
  4. Looking for NFC resources for NFC data robot

    I am working on a project which will use a robot to travel to embedded NFC tags and collect data from them. The robot then returns to a Nokia phone and passes the data to the phone.

    I am looking...
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