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  1. Problem in getting bookmarks thru OTA WAP setting service!

    Im able to send a OTA WAP Setting with header "application/x-wap-prov.browser-settings". Im able to set all characterstics along with homepage in the handset (6210) but bookmarks are not...
  2. difference between "browser setting" and "browser bookmarks" in OTA spec!

    im trying to send a OTA message for browser bookmark.I hv set the mime type as application/x-wap-prov.browser-bookmarks .Acc to specification with this mime type only bookmark can be set.But on...
  3. failed to receive OTA WAP setting message (GSM/CSD setting )

    Hi !
    i tried sending a OTA WAP setting message.Its the same example as given in the OTA_setting_general_7_0 spec (14.1). I set the DCS = 0xF5 and ESM= 0x43.But on Nokia 6210 i m getting nothing.Not...
  4. Is Concatenation of Internet access configuration message possible?

    Is it possible to send an IAP message into two parts in case message becomes more than 140 chars ? That is can we concatenate IAP messages? Im using iap-compatibility-header !
  5. Difference between "Internet Access point" and "Wap browser"

    I need to know what is the difference between internet setting on mobile phones and WAP setting on mobile phones???
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    Enhanced Messaging support by Nokia phones?

    I need to know wether any of the Nokia's mobile phone support "Enhanced Messaging Specifications" or not?
    If yes then which all handsets support EMS ?
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