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  1. Help!!!!New Development (OpenSigned) Cert does NOT work for S60 3rd Edition Phones!!!

    Hi All,

    After the migration to new SymbianSigned.com, I have verified my account and successfully downloaded the development certificate. After unzipping, I got one .key file and one .cer file. I...
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    How to disable scale down of image in MMS?

    By default image in MMS will be scaled to 160x120. Can we disable such "scale down" from Nokia 7650? or from MMS itself?

    Best regards
  3. How Nokia MMS phone deal with long but not wide image?

    Hi, I am a MMS application developper from Singapore.

    Some MMS mobile phone will automatically zoom in images that is larger than (160*120). It is a nice feature sometime, but not always, suppose...
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