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  1. Re: Retrieving Bluetooth Address on some phone didn't work.

    This way just replacement of my method to get unique ID on some device because Nokia can not detect IMEI address. This will protect my application from unauthorized copying/duplication

  2. Retrieving Bluetooth Address on some phone didn't work.


    I try to retrieve bluetooth phisical address using following code, But it just worked on Nokia 6600, Nokia 6000 will return 48bit (00342EC71A12) string value.

    It didn't work on other...
  3. Can I access Bluetooth in N3660, using external java btapi?


    I want to develop application securely, one of solution detect Bluetooh MAC Address as my Unique ID. Some device have bluetooth but doesn't support Java Bluetooth API (JSR-82) eg N3660,...
  4. How Java recognize that now run on Series60 or Symbian phone

    Dear everybody,
    I really need your help, I create java j2me application that prevent someone install my application on symbian or Series60 phone. I want my application only available for Series40,...
  5. PC Connectivity SDK, exploring Nokia directory structure, J2ME app


    I have some question :
    1. Is it posible using Nokia PC Connecttivity SDK 3.0 to transfer some file like a picture, j2me application (jar/jad) in particular directory of Nokia Mobile phone...
  6. Thanks for your answer and respon.

    Thanks for your answer and respon.
  7. How to create deployment program in pc based ?

    I am going to sell my j2me application.

    is that posible for me to develop program in PC based
    that create deployment program (using IrDA and USB) and billing system,
    so i can...
  8. Can 1 Application, split into 2 jar file (jar limitation)


    I have application 127Kbyte, I am going to deploy my app into Series 40. Since the limitation of jar size is 64K.

    Can i split my program into 2 pieces ?
    first one is main class contain...
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