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    Question about new home screen widgets

    I've been reading the new Web Developers Library 1.4, and had a question about the home screen widgets which isn't clear from the documentation.

    What I would like to do is have a home screen...
  2. Disable ability to click on a Flash lite movie with Javascript?

    I have a small Flash movie playing on a web page. If a user clicks on the Flash movie, then it takes them inside the Flash movie and changes the soft keys at the bottom of the page to say "Done" and...
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    Security restrictions in MenuItem?

    So I'm trying to do a test where I use widget.openURL() to launch the user's text messaging program, e.g.

    function sendSMS() {

    This function works when...
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    Re: Webcam/Camera direct URL access with MWS?


    Thanks for the info. I think I might be able to come up with a workaround using the existing camera application in MWS, however, I can't find any documentation about it and whether or not...
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    Webcam/Camera direct URL access with MWS?

    When I've used Raccoon in the past, I liked being able to directly access the webcam feature with a URL, e.g.


    That functionality isn't available in the Mobile...
  6. Re: Question about controlling UI when editing a textarea

    One more question along these same lines. Does WRT support the onOrientation() event. I know there's a boolean indicating that orientations are supported, and then you can manually change the...
  7. Question about controlling UI when editing a textarea

    I've been playing around with the WRT (hopefully I'll have something to post soon), however, I had a question about editing textareas in an HTML form. I'm using the FP2 emulator for now, and my...
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    Re: GPS data in JPEG EXIF

    Yeah, currently Shozu is the only way I know to do geotagging, but even then Shozu doesn't modify EXIF data. Instead, it just adds the geo information as a tag when it uploads the image directly to...
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    Re: N95 Runners edition - 2

    Sports Tracker is a handy program, but it doesn't do heartbeat, and I would be careful about relying upon the GPS to do accurate measuring of your running. I posted a detailed entry on my blog...
  10. Importing Landmarks into the N95 from Google Maps

    I posted an entry on my blog today about some XSL that I wrote which will convert KML or GeoRSS feeds into the LMX format. This way you can easily import these feeds directly into the N95 (or other...
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