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  1. Re: J2ME socket communication to Python script

    i had the same problem and i followed directions and also didn't managed to solve the problem, hope you can think of another idea of a solution thanks :)
  2. Re: Nokıa 6300 RM 217 SOFTWARE V 05.50 PROBLEM

    you can make this problem into a good thing... you can learn English French and Portugese :) just kiddning
    try to reinstall the older ver. or wait for update
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    Re: Jericho Mediacenter for FL3

    which thread?
    i hope :) it will save all the adressed problems
    I really need some solutions
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    Re: EIKON MFNE 11 Panic

    I don't think that this function returns greater value then 2147483647.
    it may be a problem with the memory :) (maybe)
    I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful
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    Re: JAD file download problem

    I can't really help you
    you need to dig in into your code :) I'm sorry
    if you want, you can publish here your code and maybe help will arouse
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    Re: Shared Objects Problem (FL 2.1)

    I say god is in the details,
    the Devil is in the minuter details :)
    thanks, it really helped me as well
  7. Re: is legal in Colombia distribuition theme creator whit nokia theme creator S40?

    I have one more question to add.
    Is it legal to take a theme from ther net and edit or change it ?
    I really like to play with themes .... and I klnow that music may be a legal problem.
    Can I use...
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