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    Re: Intercept SMS using Qt Mobility Project?

    The serviceactions example included in the QtMobility package includes sample code clients can use to receive notifications of messages being added to the store, that is arriving.

    Perhaps that...
  2. Re: Able to send MMS but not SMS using Qt Mobility Messenger

    A fix for the symbian sms message sending issue will be included in the mobility 1.0.1 release, as discussed in QTMOBILITY-64.
  3. Re: Specific instruction on building QTMessaging for Win32?

    Please note windows is not an officially supported platform, but here are some instructions.

    nmake can be used, but mingw32 can not.

    QtMobility messaging has been tested with Outlook 2007 and...
  4. Re: No response when click "send" button for writemessage example

    The mobility beta release is imminent. The WriteMessage example has been tested on the 5800, E71, N96, N97 as part of this release. With SMS, MMS and Email.

    Please try this package and see if it...
  5. Re: How to build Messaging API + MAPI with mingw32 on Windows?

    To build QtMobility Messaging on Windows you'll need to use Visual studio or nmake from a command prompt, not mingw.
  6. Re: No response when click "send" button for writemessage example

    Sorry for the delay, we are still looking into the Writemessage problem.

    I'll post again later to report progress.
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