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  1. Adding 3rd party TTS to the list seen by CTtsUtility


    looking at the little docs about NSS_TTS_Utility API (from SDK_FP2_API_Plug-In), it seems that class CTtsUtility should be able to directly load a TTS plugin by UID, using OpenPluginL(TUid...
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    Re: S60_3rd

    In my client/server app (client GUI app + client dll + server exe), it happened that I added an API to the client/server interface.
    After doing the changes, I installed on my phone the client app...
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    Re: CMdaAudioInputStream shared threads problem


    I don't understand why the callbacks of my CMdaAudioInputStream (MaiscOpenComplete etc) never get called even if I am in the same thread of a Symbian Server (CServer2), that definitely works...
  4. Re: helping my symbian server take more CPU usage

    Thanks Paipeng,

    the Nokia Energy Profiler is a very useful tool, and it measures that a sharp CPU peak is actually close to 100%.
    Anyway, it still seems to me that on average there is more CPU...
  5. helping my symbian server take more CPU usage


    I made a Symbian server doing some heavy calculations that take a long time to complete.
    The server is created as a process with priority EPriorityHigh (the maximum priority allowed for a...
  6. Re: can not get the file/directory attribute with open c

    Thanks, Sorcery.
    The open C docs seem to remark what is to add rather than to remove for open C compatibility ;)
    So, as for the LIBRARY statements
    LIBRARY libc.lib
    is to add, while...
  7. Re: can not get the file/directory attribute with open c

    Hi, just happened to me on the device. My problem was the following:
    the return value of readdir is "struct dirent *", which is defined in two places with different fields (if you have open C...
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    Re: maximum number of EXPORT_Cs in a DLL

    Thanks, Sorcery. Yes, I'm trying to break my DLL into two smaller DLLs. Unfortunately it is a sort of "legacy" DLL exporting a lot of core functionalities, it is not easy to split it avoiding...
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    maximum number of EXPORT_Cs in a DLL


    does anybody know if there is a maximum number of functions that can be exported by a Symbian dll?
    In my project, an all-purpose utillity dll crashes at runtime when exporting more than 175...
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    Re: FILERUN, RUNINSTALL in 3rd edition

    I think the problem is that, even if you sign it with a DevCert, your appl has a UID in the unprotected range. Get a UID in the range 0x2... it should work.

    I'm trying myself to have an...
  11. Re: C and C++ coexisting under S60 3rd: function table messed up

    >- I define a C++ class wrapping the MMF calls I need
    >- I define some "extern C" functions to be called from C code, instantiating and
    > using my C++ class.
    > - I have some C functions, some of...
  12. Re: C and C++ coexisting under S60 3rd: function table messed up

    > You hav'nt said what the error code is but there was a known problem with
    > carbide.vs to do with including stdlib in your dll
    > http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...311#post190311

    Yes, I...
  13. C and C++ coexisting under S60 3rd: function table messed up

    Hi, I need to call a DLL dynamically from some "legacy" C code.
    That DLL is mainly written in C, but has to contain some C++ code to call some multimedia APIs.
    It all worked in S60 2nd, but in 3rd...
  14. Re: How to reproduce the device stack size limit on emulator?

    Thanks. The stack seems to have a maximum size of 80K (0x14000), that is definetely not enough for the "legacy" C code I wrap with a Symbian C++ layer.
    On S60 2nd I could set the maximum stack size...
  15. How to reproduce the device stack size limit on emulator?


    I think all the problems my C++ application is encountering while running on real devices is due to overusing the memory stack, since it happily runs on the emulator.
    On real devices I get...
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    Re: Carbide.c++ Hints and Tips

    Support or feedback on Carbide and CodeWarrior from FN experts seems quite scarce, even on fundamental (though somehow "advanced") issues like the post on variables in dlls during on-device...
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    Building a project with C and C++ files under Carbide


    I can succesfully build and link my project from command line (SDK S60-SDK-0616-3.0-mr.3.749) both on target WINSCW and GCCE.
    I need to build it from Carbide.c++ (Developer) to run on-device...
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    Re: GCCE linkage fails from CW

    Hi all,

    Kdonev's blog is currently down. His patch could be very useful for many (and for me as well...). Did anyone save the patch and could post it directly on this forum?
    Actually my linking...
  19. Re: GCCE compile with CodeWarrior - a link problem

    Hi all,

    this issue was not solved and I'm stuck on that.
    I don't have problems building my project from the command line, but I need to build from CW 3.1, because I need to try debugging on...
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    Re: Error creating a server: KErrTooBig

    Thanks guys, but I'm pretty sure it is not the server name (at least in the trivial way) since the string is very short:
    _LIT(KServerFilename, "Loq6Server");
    I also tried:
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    Error creating a server: KErrTooBig

    I am porting my server to S60 3rd, it used to run smoothly on 2nd.
    I can launch my server on the emulator, by a client app with GUI.
    On the device, when just starting the server from the client...
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    gcc error: invalid conversion

    Hi, I'm porting a project to Symbian v9 and time has come to compile on a device target GCCE UREL.
    My project includes a lot of C code common to all platforms (Win32, Linux, Symbian etc), containing...
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